Unsafe Thinking

How can you consistently thrive in a world of constant change? How can your team increase its ability to think creatively and act boldly? How can you break out of thought patterns and behavior that have brought you this far but don’t seem capable of taking you further?

Unsafe Thinking teaches you how to change yourself in order to change the world. Built from cutting edge psychological and management research, the workshop is an immersive, interactive experience that will vastly expand the cognitive toolset you bring to your work.

You’ll learn how to:
– Confront the anxiety of taking bold action and even turn that fear into fuel for creativity
– More effectively generate breakthrough, counterintuitive ideas as individuals and as teams
– Remove unhelpful cognitive biases that keep you thinking conventionally
– Evaluate risky ideas and select those with the best chance of revolutionary success
– Create and manage teams that keep each other growing and on the edge
– Design organizations that encourage non-conformity while still maintaining cohesiveness

Who it’s for:
Unsafe Thinking is for anyone who leads and is looking to have greater impact on their work and on society. Ideal participants or teams will come with a hunger for change and the ability to influence those they work with. It’s not necessary to hold an official managerial title. What matters is that you have a passion for challenge and the ability to break others out of their ruts.

Duration: 8 hours, including lunch

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Amplify (Go-to-Market)

Is your organization ready for a world of constant change? Is innovation being discussed but not implemented? Are you making measurable shifts to operations and building mindsets that will orient you for near-term growth and long-term success? Let’s spend a day taking a holistic look at the challenges and opportunities you have as an organization but ensure we have an eye on executing tactically.

AMPLIFY helps you gain a 360 degree view of the future and develop actionable steps to take advantage of an increasingly fast-paced world. The solution isn’t always disruptive innovation. Just as often, the situation demands an approach that takes the risk out of innovation–doing something that’s more immediately usable and measurable, and having a testing plan to validate the strategy. With tactical innovation you can make an impact sooner and spend limited resources more effectively.

You’ll learn how to:
– Map your organization’s assets and customers in a new way
– Understand where to effectively apply your resources to make or raise more money
– Remove unneeded waste or AMPLIFY your current go to market execution
– Evaluate risky ideas and select those with the best chance for measurable success
– Design go-to-market strategies and tactics that will thrive in an uncertain future
– Create a new mindset for assessing and capitalizing upon opportunities

Who it’s for:
AMPLIFY is for those leading organizations, programs or products who need to grow their customer or donor base, create additional value in the market, or raise capital for that next big push. Ideal candidates are individuals or teams looking to do things differently and execute on Monday morning.

Duration: 8 hours, including lunch

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Framing Powerful Narratives

How can individuals and organizations create deep connections with their stakeholders, be it customers, employees, or investors? How can stories help us transcend transactional relationships and build strong connections? How can we do more than inform – but inspire, move, and empower?

Free Range is a pioneer in helping leading non-profit and for profit brands use the art of story to engage their audiences. Based on the work of our founder, Jonah Sachs, and his widely-read book Winning the Story Wars, our workshop teaches individuals and organizations how to be better communicators through story. You’ll learn a process for using story to build brands that move the world – be it yours or your organization’s.

You’ll learn how to:
– Utilize stories as an effective tool for building brands and connecting on an emotional level
– How to draw upon core values for telling stories that resonate
– Build a framework for story-based brands that can be applied to identity, messaging, sales, social media, and personal storytelling
– Avoid stories that devalue your audience and to tell stories that empower<
– Bring your personal or organization’s story to life

Who it’s for:
Framing Powerful Narratives is for individuals and teams who believe there is a bigger story for their brand to tell – one that will allow them to develop a strong connection with their audiences and move away from tired plug-and-play approaches.

Duration: 8 hours, including lunch

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